Monday, May 16, 2011

when it rains it Snows!

 Well first order of business here's one for global warming, Snowing on the 15th of May in Colorado!
Stupid weather!
Hospital time for >>>> Twins! We (the twins, their mother and I) were admitted into the hospital 3 days ago for pneumonia.  Shelly and me are really working keeping them happy poor little tots! Their Dad is sick at home.
My daughter Bethany is sick with fever and cough but Children's hospital said to just keep her hydrated and full of  fever reducer unless she gets worse. Racquel and Esther two other daughters at home are both down with fevers, nausea and general ick!
I think I need a vacation to warmer climes. Anybody want a worn out house guest? lol.
Actually doing really well and keeping our spirits up. Maybe by the time the weather turns to summer we will be well enough to enjoy it.
Keeping warm in shivery, Sicko Colorado

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  1. Bless you all Deanna! So sorry to hear you are all having such a rough time with illness my thoughts and prayers are with you, that you will all have a speedy recovery!
    healing hugs
    Alyson x