Monday, May 2, 2011

God Bless the USA!

God forbid that I rejoice at the death of any man, even this man. But relief and satisfaction are emotions that have overwhelmed me in the past 12 hours. I have to admit to elation on first hearing about the death of bin Laden. But I quickly turned to more somber feelings. I am thankful that our world no longer has this man in it. I am thankful to the men and women of our armed forces who put themselves in harms way every day to try to make the world not just the U.S. a safer and better place to live. I remembered my shock and dismay on 9/11. Again, I grieved for the loss of innocent life that was taken then. The horror of hearing about attacks in Israel, Britain, Spain and around the world. It makes no difference if this man was responsible for all of the terror, he made others believe it was possible and gave them courage to try their own destruction. I know that this brings a fresh wave of security issues, more danger for our soldiers abroad, but we will get through it. God has blessed the U.S. and he will continue. These are historic times we live in. So whether you are a fellow citizen of these United States or a citizen of another great country, stop today to reflect on the truth of the matter that justice has been done. The world is a better place for not having this master-mind of murder in it.
God bless not only the U.S. but all of the other countries who have put troops on the ground to stop this meaningless violence against ordinary people. With a humble heart and thankful relief I say
Thank you Lord


  1. god bless the usa !
    i m really happy to hear the death of this man !
    I m from india .. which is neighbour of pakistan!
    My country has suffered a lot

  2. thank you so much Malika! I hope that this is the start of some kind of beginnings of an end to the fighting in your part of the world.