Thursday, June 30, 2011

It is Official I am Addicted!

You all have to see what I created yesterday. I was in a swap at The Scrap Beach for tags and I have never really made any unless they were for a specific album with the exception of my "fashion" tag which was for the WOC design team call. I wanted very much to enter the design team call for The Altered Page so I wanted these tags to be special. Well I can say that I love them, don't want to send them, LOL, and my 6 year old (very discerning) grandson says they are "So Beautiful!"

Grandsons are great for the ego. I had problems with the pictures but I will show you a little sneak peek of one and will post the whole bash later today.

ok it's later and here they are...



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Recent Projects

Bethany's Birthday Mini
This little B is perfect

Bethany at 8 mo. On a Beach in Oregon

this Butterfly has a little book slipped in behind.

this is the little book.Pics of Sisters.

Racquel and Esther in Ore. and an Easter hunt.

Bethany with our Precious Kitty who passed a way a few weeks ago.

this little butterfly book pulls out. Outdoor pics.

Unfolding to the right.

These butterflies are not finished but will have tags.

Bethany and Great Grandma (about 2)

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100 Large butterflies

200 small butterflies


Body parts LOL

Hello All,
Well as I said in the last post I have been making butterflies.....butterflies........and still more butterflies. It's been alot of fun tonight is the get together so I will be posting some more pictures of that but here are a few pictures of the preparations. Craziness! I also wanted to share a little dress I made for a small friend of mine. She brought the house down when she wore it to church on Sunday night. Our visiting evangelist called her the Polka Dot Princess and it's true she certainly was. I enjoyed seeing a little one in one of my creations again my princesses are all grown up! However I think Racquel is still a princess in her Easter dress that I made her this year don't you? Ok gotta get to crafting so much to do!


Friday, June 3, 2011

An Inspiring Call to Arms

Hi All,
With Memorial Day just passed here in the U.S. I have been contemplating the service of our brave men and women in the Armed Forces.  I live in Colorado Springs CO. Home of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Fort Carson Army Base, Peterson Field Air Force Base, Shriver Air Force Base, NORAD, and another I can't include because it is top secret. So needless to say we have a lot of service men here in our community. This morning I opened a you tube video by fellow scrapper Enastasia, and was reminded about Operation Write Home. This is a program in which we as crafters send cards for all occasions to our troops so that they can send them home to their families. 

Please join me in this wonderful endeavor. I know several soldiers personally who have used this service and they love it. There is a drive to get out the 2nd million cards by the 30th of June. Click on the link and start making a difference with your talent.
Enastasia also told us about a drive by the Holocaust Museum of Houston TX. The Museum is collecting 1,500,000 butterflies to represent the innocent children who were lost in the Holocaust.
What an incredible project! Make sure that you clink on this link and find out the rules (such as no glitter), gather some kids together and have them make some butterflies and tell them the story of the Holocaust. What a better way to spend a summer day?
Let's Get Cracking!
Love Deanna

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Congratulation to the Winners of WOC (not me lol)

Hi all,
I am sure you have seen all the wonderful designs that have been created for the design team at Wild Orchid Crafts. Congratulations to the four very deserving ladies who were chosen. I can't wait to be inspired by them. I will be putting up a video later today on how I created the pansies from the WOC hydrangeas and hope that you will like the technique.

Have a great day!