Saturday, May 21, 2011

Crafting Crafting Crafting

Hi All,
Hope everyone is fine and having a great Saturday. I wanted to know if there was anyone out there who would like to do a die/cricut cut swap?? I thought it might be fun and economical LOL to have a swap where several of us with different dies could swap light weight chipboard dies or punches. I thought we could just stick like 10 in a plastic baggie and put them in a card and send them off. You all can send them to me and I will parsel them out. Maybe we could even just do a wish list amongst ourselves and then whoever wants what we can send them a few of them if we have them. Let me know your thoughts. I just won the Old Jalope by Tim Holtz and I think it is adorable. I have several others but would really like to have some nesties but they are so expensive!. Ok Let me know.
Love Deanna


  1. i wish i could be a part of your swap .
    I m not that rich so i dont think i will be able to ship dies and stuff .. All i can ship is die cuts and emblishments and papers !

  2. Mallika, I would to do some swaps with you! Your in India right? I can list the things that I have and you just tell me which ones you would like and tel me what you've got and you send me some cuts. Sound good? Die cuts should fit in a card envelope so we should be able to handle that.
    Let me know.