Thursday, January 20, 2011

Template is Coming!!

I am so sorry about not getting the template up yet. It will be up within the next day (probably tonight) I am having a problem with my scanner. Soo Now I am behind again Ha What's new?
Hey but the tutorial is up LOL. If I ever get everything all together watch out world.
Off to work on the scanner.
See you in a bit.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Grand Piano Tutorial Part 1 Finally up!!!!

I finally did it! The first part of the Grand Piano Tutorial is up and on you tube. I will be putting up a few kits and a pattern tomorrow sot check back in. Here's the link for the Tutorial. I am off for a day off with my Mom and Daughter Racquel at the National Western Horseshow So talk to you all tomorrow!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hi! Here we are again

Hi all,
Sorry I have not posted in a few days but I have good news.
The Videos Are Finally Uploading!!!!!!!

So there are a few new vids on you tube. Everything from the first part of December and then into Jan. I also did one this morning but have not had time to voice over it yet. My grandmother, mom, and myself crafted all morning making some Tutorial videos for you all. i will get them up in the morning hopefully. But my twins are having their birthday party at noon tomorrow so maybe not. Any way, I have worked on the Grand Piano and it is coming along really well and I should have the kits ready any day.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Denver Day!!

Well we went to Children's today and got a cast/splint/something for Bethany's leg. I am not too happy with it at this point but we will see. As I said yesterday I was very drowsy and LOL you guys I fell asleep at the hospital. I really did, I don't mean dozed off I mean ASLEEP. I put a quilt over Bethany's chair and laid my head on it waiting for them and the next thing I know the Dr. is waking me up by shaking my shoulder. I was so embarrassed! Oh well, life I guess. I did scan some patterns into the computer, took another video and I posted something to you all!!! Hopefully I am going to the computer store tomorrow so they can help with the problem of these goofy uploads. So hopefully you will see what I am doing on the Grand Piano. It is coming along nicely and I am not giving up.
OH and I started my exercise regimen again today so I am going to make a page that is entirely devoted to my weight loss. For those of you who do not know I have lost 102 pounds but am still about 140 pounds overweight. The biggest loser diet has helped me tremendously.
Cynthia is doing a We are Beautiful now let's get healthy forum on 1/11/2011. It will run for 3 months and there are going to be prizes awarded. If you would like to connect with some wonderful ladies go over to and join us.
I love your comments, It makes me know that someone actually does read this now and then LOL.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Still working!!

No videos as yet, however I did wash Tigger all nice and I took a before and after shot so I will post those hopefully tomorrow. Today was a very productive day. My daughter Shelly and her family came in early and I made them pancakes for breakfast. Then we all talked and played with my twin grandsons while My husband Roger and Jim my Son-in-Law put a step rail on Rogers new truck. Then they called Eoger in to work early and Jim came in and set up my icemaker and water in my new frig,Yay!!! I took a nap with my babies woke up and  it was done! yippee. They went home and another crop of teenagers came in and started palaying games and I started scrapbooking. I finished two great projects and watched Kathy at Paper Phenomenon do a little mini album class on ustream. I just loved the binding that she did. then I caught up on my you tube and e mail wrote this and am ready for bed! The Hospital called Monday afternoon and said that I could not come up today that I needed to go to the main hospital on Wed. so Bethany and I are going up there first thing in the morning to get her cast. So I had better get some sleep or I will be fighting drowsiness the whole drive to Denver. I hope you had a productive day too.
Onward with no regrets!

Monday, January 3, 2011

If at first you don't succeed........

The video did not upload again for yesterday but i again am not going to become discouraged I will just continue to make them and eventually they will get to you! So my goal for today is to brush, wash and blowdry my maltese. I have him brushed and am giving him a break before washing him. He is so pretty I will post a picture of him in a little while. I just opened my beautiful mini from the TWS and love it.
Have a beautiful day

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stand up and Continue!

I spent the entire day yesterday trying to upload a video(actually 4 videos) to Marions 31 day challenge and I could not do it. each and every one says there is an unknown error. So then I became really discouraged. FAILED after the first day! Who does that?? Deanna.

Then I thought NO I will not be defeated! I am forever doing this to myself. So I am getting up dusting myself off and trying again.

I have 3 goals fro today. I want to take pictures (not videos) of Bethany's leg xrays. I want to post the here and for the challenge. I was thinking that I also needed to do something again for yesterday but you know what? Continuing in the face of opposition is my accomplished goal for yesterday lol and I am just simply going to get up and go on.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Adventures Happen When We Least Expect Them

Happy New Year!
Well 2010 was a strange and rather wonderful year in my household. My Grandmother ( the first Fern) turned 100 in March. Two of my daughters graduated with their Associates of Science  in May, (well done first steps in higher education). We spent our first entire year away from Pepsi-Cola, (my husband worked there for 34 years). We had our first year in the last 6 with Roger only working 1 job (he has worked 2 for 5 years before 2010). Bethany was completely hospital, sickness, surgery and break free until Nov. (when she decided to make up for lost time.) Racquel, 20, got her drivers license and a car for graduation (blessing in disguise.)I gave Ashley a Bind-it-All  for her graduation present because it looked cool and I thought that she would like to play with it........... and the journey into scrapping began.
Wow it's been a year! The very best thing to come from this year is that I found this wonderful community of people who understand the need to create beautiful things and share them with others.  I am so thankful for you all!
Now on to the adventure. We were planning our evening and since all of our girls except Bethany were in TX at a church conference, Roger and I were planning an evening of games with my mom and grandmother. I was eagerly anticipating attending Laura, from Following the Paper Trails, New Year's Eve bash, when I heard Roger call out a startled "OH NO" from Bethany's room. Rushing in I find him standing white faced over Bethany. Bethany is cracking up laughing and Roger scolds her that "It's not funny!" and looks at me stunned. I start to ask what's wrong and Bethany screams with laughter "I'm broken!"
I sat down with a thump on the chair and then had to rush out of the room to keep Bethany from hearing me laugh.
Her leg was broken. Now before anyone cries out in horror at the laughter and what horrible parents we are, lets put this in context. Bethany is paralyzed from the waist down with no feeling below the midriff. As a result of no weight bearing, her legs are extremely small and brittle and as a consequence break very easily. Once I was sitting in the hospital with her and I reached over to pat her knee and it felt rather large. My heart sank and I lifted the blanket and sure enough during the night the nurses had moved her and inadvertently broken her leg. Of course they did not know it because she can't feel and tell you that it is done so you don't know until it starts swelling. So, because Bethany is fairly active and silly breaks are rather frequent. Well, you know, starting around age 9. But we have gone a good long spell without one this time, 18 months Woo hoo. So anyway, no it was not funny but Bethany was, and her laughter is truly infectious. But we are in the midst of a blizzard here in Colorado and both Roger and I were not happy at the hour and 1/2 drive to Denver. But it was actually quite clear on the highway and we made very good time. We went right into a room at the ER, there was no one else there and they had her xrayed, casted and out of there before the New Year! It was so funny we packed blankets, food, candles, pop and even a game in case we got stuck and then the roads were almost completely dry, thank the Lord. I sent my first ever phone e-mail on my new phone to a friend in England on the way to the hospital and was even able to connect to Laura's show up at the hospital. and I WON A PRIZE! I don't know what I won LOL She was giving away things so fast and I was so excited to hear my name I started clapping and squealing, the nurse came in wondering what the excitement was. I said "I won, I won........... oh what did I win?? LOL
It was overall a nice evening. We spent some quality time together on the drive, got to see our friends at the hospital and got home in good time. 2010 adventures over.

Let the 2011 Adventures Begin!

Happy New Year every body.