Thursday, December 30, 2010

Awesome technique!

Happy 30th Day of December!
I hope this finds everyone well on the way to a great new year. I am finishing up last years projects frantically and cleaning organizing and updating my craft space. I am so excited about what 2011 holds. As I was catching up on youtube this morning I saw the best technique and I just had to share it with you.
Vee from does really awesome videos that are informative and very cutting edge (pun intended).
Her you tube name is TheCoutureCrafter and her video on Corner Punched Circles and Ovals is an absolute must see. the link is ttp://
Go Check her out you will not be disappointed!
Happy Day

Monday, December 27, 2010

Race to the New Year Yeah!!!!

Hi everybody I hope your Christmas was wonderful and any other holiday that you might celebrate. The New Year is coming and I am determined to get everything that is undone for 2010 finished before friday. Are you with me Party People? (as Kathy from PaperPhenomenon would say). My friend Alyson from craftingtostaysane.blogspot.comsaid she was going to update her blog and that reminded me of all of you lonely peeps over here lol. My 4th New Years resolution is to keep my blog updated well! So heres prayers that Bethany has no hospital drama this week because I really want to get stuff done. Don't have alot actually but I will be doing a video series in January of the piano album so I want to make sure everything is ready and the craft space is almost finished so there is really no reason not to use New Years as a goal right? goals are always great.

Have a wonderful productive happy Day!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It never Rains then it Pours!

Back to the hospital again! Well looks like we might be here a while this time. Bethany is very sick and just maintaining here at Children's. The good news is that she will not have to have another brain surgery or at least not today lol. Things change by the hour! I will be posting some pictures later. I want you all to see this awesome hospital! ok gotta go

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Kits using Midnight Frost

Hi everybody,
I wanted to get this video up tonight so that you all can have a chance to review it. These are completely ready and even if Bethany has to head to the hospital again it won't effect anything lol. Not like Harry Potter. You will most likely receive these within 3 days in the U.S. If you are situated internationally it will of course take longer. Please contact me and we will make shipping arrangements if you live outside the U.S.
Hope your having a great day.
 The link for the youtube video is:

You receive: 12 6x6 Bo Bunny's Midnight Frost Collection designer paper.
                     6 large and 6 small foam snowflakes
                     5 small jingle bells
                     3 1)lg 1)med. 1) small embossed brown and blue tags
                     3 1)lg. 1)med. 1) small brown and blue tags unembossed
                     1 piece 3x4 1/2  maroon cardstock
                     3 dark and 3 light blue snow flakes
                     3 pieces of ribbon, blue, maroon, gold

The Price for these kits is 17.00 each Shipping is 5.00 U.S.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home again home again jiggety jig!

Hi all,
Got home actually this morning at 3:00 a.m. LOL We came up with a plan of treating Bethany here at home and I am so happy to be home they said we could go and I was out the door. I want you all to know that The Children's Hospital in Denver is one of the finest in the world and I have thought so for the last 17 years. They are always there no matter what and I so appreciate that. I will have to post some pictures of it. It is truly amazing. The new facility is only 2 years old and it is incredible. They treat children from all over the world and of course as you know any emergency room visit is always provided at any hospital no matter the ability to pay by law in the U.S. so they are great. Ok enough of that for today everything is good. Can't believe that I am up so early this morning but I am so glad to be home!
I am working on some mini's for this weekend I have my first craft show so keep me in your prayers. I am excited about it. I will make little kits and things as I go because I have A LOT of Christmas paper.
Ok got to go.

Make the most of today!!

Deanna Fern Lintner

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Whew what a crazy few weeks!

Ok everybody I am home, I am ready for the giveaway, my HP kits are finally going out and Bethany seems to be doing alright although a little under the weather today. For those of you who don't know, my Daughter Bethany had to have emergency brain surgery and it really really has set me back, and then there were problems with paypal and then I can't reply to your comments yada yada yada!

But things are looking better and we are home, and looking forward to doing all of this sending tomorrow! I am finally caught up again!
I hope this finds all of you well also. I will have some Christmas kits later this week so be looking for them. Thanks
have a great one

Friday, November 26, 2010

I can't reply to my own blog LOL

Hi, everybody Happy Thanksgiving and Thank goodness Black Friday is over! not really I actually had alot of fun shopping today. It has become a tradition that one of my childhood friends and I go shopping every year money or not. Just for the experience and to feel the excitement of the day. Today we actually had several things to get and we were in and out quickly it went really well. My sweet hubby then took me out again and got me ...... a Refrigerator, a washer/dryer, a microwave, and a  couch! now if that isn't a haul I don't know what is!!!!!!! yeah they are many years past due I can tell you. It was alot of fun.
But back to the important stuff. YOU!
I have been assigning everyone numbers as you comment and follow the blog here for the giveaway but every time that I try to send you a message with your number it tells me that I either have to join or sign in lol. So I am waiting for Ashley to come home tonight and help me figure out how to message you guys. Rest assured every one of you has a number for here and anywhere else that you have commented or posted if you have let me know. If you don't eventually get your number from me then just email me at and i will let you know what numbers you have.
Ok off to bed I have been up since 1:30! hard core this year lol.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Shot Giveaway and Drive!

Big Shot Giveaway and Drive 
Check out the video at

Hey I am so excited about doing you tube and I really want to get more subscribers here and on my you tube. So we will be having a Giveaway. It is open for 2 weeks, and you can get chances to win by: following the blog, subscribing on you tube, commenting on this video, posting a link to the blog or videos or simply mentioning me on any social network, If someone subscribes and says that they came because of you you get another chance to win.  I hope you all have fun! More giveaways soon.

Harry potter kits

Kits for Sale
Check out the video at

Harry Potter kits for sale!
These kits are for sale for 20.00 and there are only a limited number the shipping will be under 5.00 just leave a comment and I will coordinate payment.

Have fun! Deanna

Harry Potter mini part 2

Harry Potter mini part 2

Harry potter mini album part 1

Harry potter mini album part 1

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grand Piano Mini

Hi this is Ashley here, the fourth fern, and I am going to be taking over a little of the posting here since I'm a little more technical then my mother. This last week we put together a prototype of our grand Piano mini album. It looks awesome but still has some work before we create a kit for the final project. This was actually my idea but my mom's skill put to work.  She's used several awesome techniques here to create a true masterpiece. Here is her youtube video.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Check out my youtube video