Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Denver Day!!

Well we went to Children's today and got a cast/splint/something for Bethany's leg. I am not too happy with it at this point but we will see. As I said yesterday I was very drowsy and LOL you guys I fell asleep at the hospital. I really did, I don't mean dozed off I mean ASLEEP. I put a quilt over Bethany's chair and laid my head on it waiting for them and the next thing I know the Dr. is waking me up by shaking my shoulder. I was so embarrassed! Oh well, life I guess. I did scan some patterns into the computer, took another video and I posted something to you all!!! Hopefully I am going to the computer store tomorrow so they can help with the problem of these goofy uploads. So hopefully you will see what I am doing on the Grand Piano. It is coming along nicely and I am not giving up.
OH and I started my exercise regimen again today so I am going to make a page that is entirely devoted to my weight loss. For those of you who do not know I have lost 102 pounds but am still about 140 pounds overweight. The biggest loser diet has helped me tremendously.
Cynthia is doing a We are Beautiful now let's get healthy forum on 1/11/2011. It will run for 3 months and there are going to be prizes awarded. If you would like to connect with some wonderful ladies go over to and join us.
I love your comments, It makes me know that someone actually does read this now and then LOL.

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