Monday, December 27, 2010

Race to the New Year Yeah!!!!

Hi everybody I hope your Christmas was wonderful and any other holiday that you might celebrate. The New Year is coming and I am determined to get everything that is undone for 2010 finished before friday. Are you with me Party People? (as Kathy from PaperPhenomenon would say). My friend Alyson from craftingtostaysane.blogspot.comsaid she was going to update her blog and that reminded me of all of you lonely peeps over here lol. My 4th New Years resolution is to keep my blog updated well! So heres prayers that Bethany has no hospital drama this week because I really want to get stuff done. Don't have alot actually but I will be doing a video series in January of the piano album so I want to make sure everything is ready and the craft space is almost finished so there is really no reason not to use New Years as a goal right? goals are always great.

Have a wonderful productive happy Day!

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