Monday, October 31, 2011

Here are the Mini's for Auction and a Video that Kimscrapper made for me!

Wow Kim made this for me after I told her I had no way to make a pretty one! Wasn't that the sweetest, kindest gesture? My heart was so touched by this. I know that probably every one of us has someone in our lives who has suffered and maybe even succumbed to this evil disfiguring disease. My great-grandmother and my dear Aunt June are the two that come to mind for me. Both of these wonderful woman went on with their lives until they passed away from other causes but so many do not. I am so very passionate about this cause! This has really touched a nerve with me and I want to make sure that my effort is worthy of these two great ladies. And Kim, how can I say thank you enough? Please ladies, if you can spread the word in any way, we only have this week for this auction, but we always have the time to stop put a few of our funds into a cause like this. Thank you for watching and helping.
Sincerely Deanna
What A Great Cause! Think Pink

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